St. David’s Day Success for All!!

March 5th, 2019
Please read a great round up of the day from our Lead Development, Academy & Spartans Coach, Sarah Croke.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Another hugely successful St David’s Day Gala last weekend, and that is all down to everyone who took part!

It was a cold, wet miserable Sunday morning, yet that didn’t stop over 210 young swimmers travelling from all over South Wales to compete in a friendly gala at Pontypool Active Living Centre. A first gala for many, the nerves and tension very quickly gave way to the smiles and comradeship that this event always produces. Encouragement from parents, coaches and team mates was hugely visible and the children’s faces were a joy to see at the end of their races.

Two particular events have stuck in my mind from the day. One – a mis timed tumble turn. Did the child stop? No. Did she panic? No. She simply just did it again. And got it right. That determined nature shone through over the mishap of the turn and for that I applaud her!  Two – panic over the IM. A child quite apprehensive over attempting the four long lengths. BUT still got in and completed it, and got out with a satisfied smile at the end, proud that he’d finished. When asked was he glad he’d done it? A most confident ‘yes’ as the reply! He felt totally accomplished.

These kids felt fabulous in the water, it was clear to see. Their skills are improving every week, and they are keen to show off the hard work they are putting in. And why the devil not? They are pleased with themselves, and I am hugely proud of them all. It is all work in progress. I watched the older swimmers in awe, amazed at how far they’d come since starting in the early development squads just a short time ago. Again, all down to dedication and determination.

I must give a special thanks to all the officials and volunteers who helped to run the day. Your input was invaluable and we are very grateful to you. Without you, we would be unable to run these events for the children, and I for one would hate to miss an opportunity to see those beaming faces.

See you at Spook!!
Sarah x



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4 days ago

Torfaen Dolphins

Well done again everyone for giving up your time yesterday at our bag packing fundraising event in Tesco, Pontypool. We raised just under £850 for the club, which is amazing!!!
Thank you so, so much or your help!
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Well done everyone

Brilliant job everyone 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Awesome effort... well done dolphins 👌🏻

Wow that Is fab - well done everyone - me and lib will definitely be at the next one x

Wow wee!! Well done everyone!! Xx

Well done guys👋

Brilliant job xxx👋👋👋

Fab effort everyone well done 👏👏

Wow that's brilliant! Well done everyone! 👏🏼👏🏼

Well done everyone for turning up , it doesn't take a lot to give a lot, brilliant job TD x

Fantastic x

Aww well done everyone!!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

That's fantastic! Well done everyone! 👏🌟👏🌟👏

Awesome!! Well done everyone 👏👏

Fantastic well done everyone 🐬🙌👍

That's fab! Well done everyone 👏👏👏

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5 days ago

Torfaen Dolphins

A massive, massive thank you to all the swimmers and parents who came to Tesco in Pontypool today to help with the bag packing fundraiser!! Your efforts are hugely appreciated and the kids were all superb!!! We will let you know how much we raised as soon as it's counted, as well as which group raised the most!
Thank you again for your help!
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Fab kids, well done all ❤️❤️

Well done everyone xx

I was really surprised how generous people were x

Well done everyone 👏👏

Well done Dolphins! 👏🏼🌟👏🏼🌟

Brilliant! Well done everyone! 🤩🤩🌟🌟🤩🤩

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5 days ago

Torfaen Dolphins

We're looking forward to seeing you all at Tescos, Pontypool today for our fundraising bag packing event!
Thank you to everyone involved for giving up your time to help!
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So sorry we can't be there. 🙄🙄 We'll do a double shift at the next fundraiser, without fail! 😊😊

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